Friday, February 10, 2012

*CONTEST* Win Breaking Dawn Part 1 On DVD!

 CONTEST TIME.... As every twi hard knows Breaking Dawn Part 1 goes on sale at Midnight on the 10th of February.. So in celebration Twilight Evolution is holding a contest for any twi hard to enter!!

Here is what you have to do..

1. You MUST be following my twitter account, so I can DM you for your mailing information so if you aren't please follow> Cutestkidsmom

2. THEN TWEET>   I just entered for a chance to win Breaking Dawn part 1 via follow @cutestkidsmom and enter for your chance to win! 

3. And lastly, just leave a comment or a DM to my twitter letting me know what the Twilight Saga means to you.

Contest ends February 14th.... All 3 parts must be completed by then and participants will be drawn the evening of the 14th at 8pm EST.

Winner will be notified via tweet and DM, and will have 36 hours to accept, if winner does not step forward a new name will be drawn. Good Luck!!! 


  1. The Twilight Saga has been such a huge part of my life for almost 3 years now. I hadn't read a book since college until I picked up Twilight and now I can't stop reading. The twilight girls I've met on twitter helped me through my divorce and gave me strength when I thought I had none. So... (in my Edward voice) means everything to me Meredith...EVERYTHING!!

  2. Twilight stole my heart & has never returned it to me. From first seeing Edward & then reading all the books in less than a week, my life was changed forever. It’s given me the most incredible friends ever & has brought excitement & fun back! I love that we all feel the same intensity, repeat the same quotes, know exactly what the other is thinking without having to even say it OUTLOUD! LOL. My daughter says Twilight gave me what I needed to get through her cancer & treatments. She's cancer free now & expecting a baby. Thank you, Twilight & Special Friends for being there for me. You sparkle my world. TwiMoments

  3. I will forever love Twilight!

    I've been reading vampire fiction for over 10 years,so Twilight has brought me together with more Vampire fans and I LOVE THAT!!!

    Twitter @twi_star

  4. Congratulations to @Married2myJacob for winning, please continue to follow for more great contests and prizes!