Thursday, September 27, 2012

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Interview With Author And TwiFan Christie A.C.Gucker

Tomorrow on September 28th Christie A.C. Gucker's book The Cliff will be available to buy!!! This is extremely exciting for her and book lovers!

I had the great honor to interview Christie yesterday before she gets trampled for interviews, and I asked her a few questions:

First and fore most how are you feeling about the release of your book The Cliff?

 Well, I can tell you I am excited beyond belief and doing jumpy clappy dances all over my house. My children think I've gone insane! I'm also VERY nervous because I want everyone to enjoy my characters and the storyline. I really hope they do. 

Can you tell us a little about it? 

Well, it's about three lifelong friends who made a pact (or two) as children. Now as adults, the pact comes back into play and it changes everything. We watch as my two main characters, Lanie and Grant, finally give in to their longtime feelings for each other. However, Dane, the third of our trio, decides he wants Lanie for himself and does everything evil thing he can to break them apart and make her fall for him instead. Now other things happen along the way and the reader gets to take an emotional ride throughout the story to find out if Lanie and Grant's love survives. One of the really neat things about this book is that every chapter ends in a cliffhanger so it's really hard to put down. *whispers - There are 50 chapters! LOL*

It was originally a Twilight Fan fiction was it not? 

Yes it most certainly was. And I am proud to stand among the fan fiction authors who have moved on to getting their books published.

The process from turning a Fanfic into a published book I am told is very grueling would you agree? (Feel free to elaborate) 

 I was a bit lucky here because my book didn't really mimic any of the actual characters from Twilight. I only used the character names. So aside of going through and renaming everyone, it was pretty easy. However finding a publisher who doesn't regard posting on fan fiction as already being published is a completely different subject. I received a few rejections because of that.

How do you get through all of the stress of getting your work in the hands of a publisher? 

I didn't actually expect to get published. But after trying, because there are a lot of steps to submitting your work, you kind of start to really want it. It's just a matter of having a good support group there to push you when you're ready to give up. I had my husband, who told me when it's not fun anymore, then stop, and some great friends.

Has being a published writer always been a dream of yours?

 No! I had no real thoughts of becoming a published author. It just seemed to move in that direction once I started writing, which was for fun.

How long did it take you from start to finish getting this book completed? 

I started writing in January of 2011 and was finished writing the story by July 2011. I started working on rewriting in December so I could give the book to my family members as a Christmas gift. And then in February I started sending it out for possible publication. And here we are September of 2012 and it's going on the book shelves soon!


Do you try and take a little bit of your real life and put it into your stories?

 There is a bit of me in every character and you'll definitely find parts of my life scattered here and there.


Do you have any other works out there or anything you are currently working on? 

In February 2013, my second novel, The Purple Heart, will be releasing. I LOVE THIS BOOK! And I am presently writing a third book called Pacifically You.

Can you tell all of my readers where your book is available to buy, online or otherwise?

 My books will be available on and B&N in both print and eBook as well as a few other sites like All Romance, Smash words and the publisher's site PaganWritersPress

Now tell us about you, what is your pen name?

 It's just my name! LOL Christie A.C. Gucker

Where is your home town?


When you aren't blowing our minds with your stories what sort of things do you enjoy doing? 

Well I'm working full time in advertising and being a mom and a wife. In October I work on a haunted trail at Norz Hill Farm. And I do a little bit of anything new I can because it's fun! LOL

Do you have a large support system that helps you through?

I have my family, husband and two daughters, and my mom. And I have a huge group of great amazing friends and other authors!

Many authors say that they have a strict regiment to writing, do you and what is it? 

Ummmm my stories knock on my head. And I write when they have something to say. When they don't I stop.

Who is your favorite author? 

Stephen King.


Face book and Twitter This day and age it's all about social networking, where can people find you via or otherwise?

 Twitter: ChristieAGucker

And lastly, what do you have to say to all aspiring writers out there struggling to get their own work published?

Don't give up. Keep growing and keep writing and keep striving. And when it's not fun anymore...stop! ;)

*** So make sure you go out and support this phenomenal author and buy her book The Cliff!!!!