Thursday, July 26, 2012

In My Humble Opinion, PAY ATTENTION!

My opinion shouldn't matter.... No fan, hater, Robsten or nonstens opinion should matter. Yet here we are screaming and tearing apart lives and reputations with words. WORDS the most hurtful weapons humans own. 

I love Robert Pattinson he is an incredible actor, his heart is good, he feels pain and joy.

I love Kristen Stewart she is an outstanding actress, her heart is good, she feels pain and joy.

I personally have made more mistakes in my life than I care to remember. I am NOT under a microscope. YOU are not under a microscope... THEY ARE!

Go in your closet, dust off the skeltons I know so many of you have hoped to cover up with sheets of dust, expose them show us your faults and be judged, hated, scorned, and bullied.

This is not a humble opinion this is an opinion of a person who doesn't see things black and white, I see things in color because that is the word we live in.

Kristen made a mistake, she faltered.. the pedestal fans have put her on has crumbled. The perfection we all held her up to be has cracked. WHY? Because she is human, she is vulnerable.

I am not going to sit here and say she is to be commended for her acts, but hate is not nor will ever be acceptable! 

Rob and Kristen will talk, they will figure it out it is THEIR relationship!

SHE NEVER HURT HER FANS... I am not offended she doesn't even know I exist and no offense she doesn't know half of you exist. She lives in this world, breaths the same air.

WE hold her up We hold him up.. They never asked to be raised to the standards we bestowed upon them.

You loved her a week ago, she made a mistake and now you all want to burn her at the stake, SHAME ON YOU! 

Shun me, leave me, unfollow me, attack me I am OK with that. I stand up for what I believe in and accept the imperfections. 

Wake up world... the house has fallen... YOU AREN'T IN KANSAS ANYMORE!!!!

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