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Fan Review Number 3 On Breaking Dawn Part 1

OK Twi-Hard Number 3 Fan Review on Breaking Dawn Part 1 :

Last night was the first time I got to watch Breaking Dawn. I literally could not stop moving in my seat the whole two and half hours I sat there waiting. When the movie started I felt like I was having a slight panic attack. It was finally on the big screen and I was finally watching it.
I thought it started off fantastic. Taylor actually made me feel bad for Jacob when he received the wedding invitation. This poor guy I thought.
Flipping to Bella and Edward talking about their big day. Edward looking at her and saying I haven’t told you everything about myself was such a "human" thing to say. And Holy flashback, that’s when the tears started coming. I love that Robert thought of the idea to put that in the movie, and Bill did it. It was such an important part I think even if it wasn’t a big detail in the books. 
Jasper and Emmett made me laugh out loud, creeping in the window dragging their brother out for his bachelor party. Just a few mountain lions . When Bella went to sleep I love that they put her dream into the movie. What a fun part that must of been to film. They took the book and ran with the dream and I loved what they did with it.
The wedding actually made my heart stop. Bella looked absolutely stunning. Her dress was even better than I imagined and Edward looked so handsome. What I love about Edward and Bella is I don't feel like in the wedding scenes or love scenes they were acting I felt like they were Kristen and Rob. I feel like they are so in love and it show's even across the big screen. I love that they left the part of Jacob grabbing her in the movie. I do wish they would have showed her looking in the mirror for the first time  with her hair and makeup done in her dress. I would have loved to see her reaction.
I have a few favorite parts from the wedding; two of them are from good ol' Chief Swan. When he looked at Bella and said "I know, I look hot" I lost it. It was nice to see him joke around he's usually so serious. However when he looked at her and told her that she would always have a home my laughter became tears. What a sweet moment. She knew this was it, she knew that she would never be able to have the same relationship with him. It was such a bittersweet moment that completely melted my heart. No wedding will be able to top that one.
The Honeymoon scene was so romantic. Bella little innocent Bella was such a little "horndog" she could not get enough of Edward but hey, who can blame her. I feel like they could have done a few things different in the honeymoon scenes that where in the book but none the less it was amazing. I was the one pushing for an R Rater version so I am happy with what we got for PG 13.  Seeing Bella wake up with a WTF look on her face the night after made me chuckle. She had no idea why she was covered in feathers. I love that they showed him breaking the head bored and the look on his face. Bella reassured him everything would be okay even when he wanted to stop. He didn't want to hurt her.
And let's not even begin to talk about Edward speaking Portuguese. I would kill to have had a honeymoon like that.
Jacob grows up so much in this movie. I was not a fan of his before this movie but Breaking Dawn changed my mind. He literally turns his back to save her life. What an amazing and unselfish person. When he and Edward went outside to talk it broke my heart. Edward looked like the burning man they described in the book. I wanted to hug him.
I feel like they made Edward a little meaner than he was in the book but I also understood why he was so upset. He was going to lose the one person in the world that he could not live without. I would feel the same way. However as a mother I would fight and "hold on as long" as I could for my baby. I think any mother would.  Kristen did an amazing job playing the pregnant sick Bella. She is an amazing actress and it really showed.
The birth had me on the edge of my seat and in tears. This is what I had been waiting for the whole movie. I remember asking myself repeatedly how in the world are they going to make this birth scene PG 13? It exceeded all my expectations. My stomach turned as I watched her reach for the cup and all hell broke loose. As her body went limp I though oh my god, she’s going to die. I knew she wasn't but it looked like there was no way out for her. What an absolute epic scene. Everything went so fast. This birth was going to be the death of her. For this scene to be PG13 I would have been scared to see it be Rated R. Seeing Rosalie charge after her, hearing Edward scream no, and Jacob push her out if the way. Whoa!
This was the best scene in the movie for me. I loved it. Seeing her be born, seeing Edward hand their baby to Bella. The baby that he once wanted nothing at all to do with. How sweet is this moment, and then hell breaks loose again.
The imprinting scene really surprised me. I love the way it turned out. It was so beautiful in a weird way. Jacob’s world completely stopped and his is forever tied to her. And what an gorgeous little girl Mackenzie Foy is. She is going to be so good in BD 2. Can't wait to see her and Jacob's relationship progress.
 Watching Bella go through the transformation was great. Seeing all the memories flicker, seeing her get stronger. Wow she really is going to be a stunning vampire. Zooming in on her eyes and watching them open to Red made me gasp out loud. What an amazing way to end the first movie. I cannot wait for BD 2!
Bill Condon is a genius, and he knows exactly what he’s doing. As a fan I can't imagine the movie being any better than that (well maybe the honeymoon scenes :) )
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