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Fan Review Number 2 On Breaking Dawn

Here is another Twilight Fan review of Breaking Dawn Part 1.. *SPOILER ALERT*

What I Loved:
- The moment when Bella walks down the aisle is mesmerizing. I felt the tension, the anticipation and saw it in her face. I loved the close up of Stephanie Meyer; think it
s a perfect tribute to the woman who was Edward and Bellas matchmaker ;-)
- The actual vows part was kinda short, but the kiss was perfect! Best one of the series so far! Loved how they filmed it like there was nobody around them, all the empty benches and just the two of them.
- I wasn
t convinced about Alice’s hairdo in BD after seeing the pics, but in the movie she looks stunning! It suits her perfectly!
- Scene in Rio is cute! In the taxi and dancing through the streets! They look so happy!
- A lot of people will probably agree with me if I say that the actual sexscene was too short and still sad that thay had to cut so much out of it. But…. what we do get to see it is very erotic and the chemistry between K&R is clearly visible.
- One of my favorite scènes of the whole movie is the one of the morning after when Bella
s in front of the mirror and remembering the night by touching her face and lips. Music during that part is beautiful!
- Edward talking Portugese!
- I really liked the scene where Jacob gets angry and he runs through the woods and you see it through his eyes and hear what he hears!
- I think Taylors acting is really good throughout the whole movie and especiallu where he talks to Bella after Edward request. Very really naturel and pure, like their friendship in real life.
- The blood drinking Bella does is a gross but good scene, with the blood sticking on her lips and teeth!
- The last 20 minutes of the movie are so incredibly intense! First of all seeing Bella so skinny, especially in the scene with Rosalie in the bathroom; heartbreaking scene for me!
- Then the moment where her spine breaks (horrific!) and everything goes into slowmotion. The vision of the venom in Bella’s blood and her screaming inside her body. Edward biting her all over her body. The huge syringe in her heart.
- Seeing Bella lay dead and Edward desperately trying to restart her heart is so sad, I felt the pain and the hopelessness all the way. Cried my eyes out in that part.
- Worst image for me is when they film Bella from above and you see her like a skeleton in her blue dress laying on the bed. Just awful.
- The flashback of Bella’s journey through life was a beautiful tribute to the whole saga and I loved that they used music from the previous movies!
- The ending is perfect! Zooming into her eyes and then BAM!
- Altough imprinting is still kinda icky in my opinion I think the actual scene is really beautiful! Jacob
s voice explaning what it means and the visions of an older Renesmee!
Fave funny moments: - The Cullens carrying the trees and benches
- The speeches at the wedding are hilarious!! Jessica
s comment about calling Edward Cullen The Hair is EPIC! Renee singing. Charlies speech about him being a cop with a gun. Alices style speech. Emmets comment about how Bella wont be sleeping for a while (love the double meaning there ;-)
-Gustavo walking past Kaure with the headboard in his hands
- Bella posing in her lingerie and Edward laughing and rolling over
Fave quotes: Bella: “What? You’re not a virgin?”
Emmet: “I know the feeling”
Alice to Jasper: “Come take a walk with me”
Jacob: “I won’t kill you. You deserve to live with this”
Not so much… - I think it
s not very obvious that Bella is pregnant, since the being very tired and eating all the eggs in not in the movie. Yes, you see her sleeping, but its not overly clear. Same with Bella wanting more sex, the dream and her begging Edward. Its because weve read the books that we know how and why.
- I would
ve liked to see Bella have a little bit more of a belly when she finds out shes pregnant.
- Only scene that was a bit awkward for me was the
babyname scene.. although Jacobs facial expressions were very funny ;)
What I missed: - The sarcastic fights & jokes between Jacob and Rosalie (the dogbowl!)
- A Thousand Years: such a beautiful song, why haven’t they used it in the movie?
- Edward sparkling on Isle Esme

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