Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Author's Are Not Martyr's

As some of you know I am a writer. I put my stories on Fanfiction and I blog here. There is a huge difference between an author and a reader. Author's need to have a thick skin!!! Reader's don't. I am both :)

When you write a story you write it knowing how it will begin and how it will end. The meat of the story can vary and in a lot of cases it does. When you put that chapter out there you do it with the belief that this is how you want it.

Then the reviews come in and mostly they are good but there is always the person who is too scared to put their name so they slip in as a guest. You can't respond to guests on FF so you sit there, and you read their judgement and you stew... and stew.. and stew.

Authors are NOT Martyr's!

We write how we want it to be and we can not please everyone!

  The definition of a Martyr is this: a person who sacrifices something of great value and especially life itself for the sake of principle 

Our stories are our babies, we help them grow and grow along with them. WE WILL NOT change how we see it to please everyone... WE are Authors!

The definition of Author is: one that originates or creates

Some creations are not so good some are however. When a story is written it comes from the heart of a writer who is suffocated by the power of their imagination. This is our release This is our therapy! 

When you read someone's work, be respectful. If you can't understand how hard it is for an author to write a story try it out yourself. Walk in their shoes. I am a writer and a reader. I walk both paths therefore I CAN judge. 

Authors.... Write, love it and share it because we need more imagination in this stuffy black and white world!!!  


  1. I loved this post, Every word you wrote reflects my opinion on this topic.

    I'm only a reader, not a writer, but I beta for some incredible writers of ff and a few who've been published. I know the amount of hard work you all put into your writing. I have the utmost respect for all of you who have that creativity and courage to put your work out there for all to enjoy ... or criticize.

    I feel there should be no anon reviews. If they've got an opinion to express, they should have the backbone to stand behind it and face a discussion with the writer if they choose to respond to it.

    I will admit, I sometimes read and exit before leaving a review, but I'm trying to get better at hitting that button every time. I will also admit, I've had some things to point out to writers I think would be considered constructive or helpful, but I do it in a PM where it doesn't seem like public 'slap in the face'. I also feel I've done it in a respectful manner and offered my help if it was something I thought I could help them improve upon. That is how I got my first few writers I beta for. They were new at writing, and I offered some help. I've made some wonderful friendships out of my PM's!

    My momma always taught me 'if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all'. I think some people forget others have feelings and how easily people get hurt and offended. They need to think like this: if you think someone saying it to you would hurt, it will most likely hurt who you're going to say it to.

    Enough of my soapbox speech! LOL

    Let's just remember to be kind to each other.

  2. Thank you! BETA's are so vital to a good story. they sharpen the story and guide us when we are lost!! For that I thank you. I wish everyone saw it like you do :)