Sunday, January 9, 2011

What ever happened to Tyler Crowley from Twilight?

Well he kind of fell off the face of the earth... But I have an Idea what happened to Tyler err Gregory Tyree Boyce....
I think his future was certain first he sexually assaults Bella in the cafeteria with an unwanted cheek kiss in the beginning of the film and claims her as his own by saying " no my girl" hmmmm ......

Then he physically assaults her by throwing a twizzler at her while she innocently reads by her car in the
parking lot, I am sensing a trend

In the book he asks her to the dance only of course to be rejected, Anyone else seeing a pattern?

The final straw Attempted MURDER!!! He almost crushes her with his van with his lame excuses of trying to stop.... WELL......If Charlie didn't end him which we think he didn't Edward Did... Tyler just disappeared vanished out of nowhere into thin air .. no one speaks of Tyler did he go off to boarding school? Did he join the military? Nobody knows.... But my bet is Edward had a hand in his demise


  1. didn't hit me until today that he was not in any of the sequels....wonder who he pissed off in the director/producer arenas.

  2. He wasn't pale enough for the sequels lol