Sunday, January 9, 2011

Who are the ETS?

ETS Stands for EPIC Twilight Sisters.. We are a group of women who are true fans of the twilight saga and the actors involved in the saga. We all met on Twitter and we are from all parts of the world. If you are interested in our many interesting conversations feel free to add any of us via twitter.....

@TracyC25   @adawnn1   @cutestkidsmom   @Totally_Dazzled  @JessNWheeler   @manda_ann428   @sherri_ada  @teamagreene 

We have a lot of wonderful conversations and hope to all meet someday soon. If you are EPIC and adore Twilight and everything twilight feel free to add us and join the conversation


  1. I love being an #ETS & having friends to share my love of Twilight with. I wouldn't trade any of these girls for anything. We all get each other and I've only known them for a short time. They have welcomed me with open arms as I am "Newborn". Love You Girls.