Monday, July 2, 2012

What WIP FanFics Am I Reading Now?

Now I don't usually favor W.I.P Fanfics To be completely honest. WIP means Works In Progress. But over the last few months I have delved deep into the world of FF and have grown attached to a few and I wanted to share them with you so that you to can share in my joy. These update frequently and are very well written I HIGHLY suggest!!

First is Pacifically You written by the lovely Robstencuteness she brought you the amazing FF The Cliff and now she is at it again!! On you can begin it by clicking here > Pacifically You

On fan fiction also I read 2 WIP's from Catastrophia! I love her writing the first is Conventioneers, here is the link > Conventioneers and the second is Me and Mr. Cullen and you can read that here > MAMC Bith are wonderful and different from one another! seriously both are must reads!

And the last WIP I am reading right now is a sequel from WhatsMyNomDePlume its called The Best thing I Ever Did click here to read  > TBTIED it is the sequel to The Best I Ever Had!!! AMAZING truly!!

Now if you have WIP suggestions please pass them my way!!! Thanks

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