Monday, February 6, 2012

Nikki Reed Does Some Q&A On Twitter!

The Dazzling Nikki Reed who plays Rosalie in The Twilight Saga was on her Twitter account today (2/6/12 ) And took time out to answer some questions from her fans... Here they are:

Favorite color? Yellow. It's a happy color

Favorite Book? I have a bunch. Let's go with The Fall by Camus and A Thousand Splendid Suns

Favorite movie ? Let's keep it simple. Finding Nemo

Favorite Actress? Holly Hunter-Rita Wilson-Tina Fey-Nia Vardalos-Kate Winslet

Do you like Harry Potter? Just a general question.” Course!

Do you Demi Lovato? Love

If you weren't an actor, what would you be?” I would write for fun and work with animals or kids
are you cooking for feb 14th? Let's hope not lol. J/k I love pizza pockets

who is your fav Paul or Nikki reed? Lol.:p” Go with Paul for sure

my daughter asked you at a Twi-Con who your fave singer is and you said Adele. Still true?” 100%

favorite year of your life and why?”  Last year...2011 brought so many beautiful things into my life.

Hey Nikki!! What's your fave TV show? Have a great day :)” Dexter and Homeland

Favorite Singer? The one I'm married to is pretty freakin talented :)

Favorite food? There is no favorite. ALL!!!

Who would you want to play in twilight if not Rosalie? Victoria

Nikki you play any sport?”  I'm a crazy good football player. Ha

my fav song is Now That I Found You What's your favorite of pauls? Too hard! I love so many! Let it roll/poem

Do you watch yourself in your movies? How do you feel seeing yourself on the big screen?” Hate It!!!

Are you any good at cooking? Mmm maybe you should ask Paul

Hey Nikki what's your favorite movie in the Twilight saga? :D ♥” They're all so different...that's hard

An advice you'd give to an aspiring actress? Stay in school. Continue learning. Don't give up.

Are there any plans for you to be in any new films?x”  I just finished Pawn and I start Snap in a month

do you and the rest of the twilight cast hang out off screen?”  When we aren't working/traveling yes :)

What was the 1st thing you bought after your 1st 'big' paycheck?”  I took my family on our very first vacation

Team Edward, Jacob, or Krisbians?” Team Everyone

Ok guys! Hoppin on an airplane! First twitter q&a was fun thank you all! Let's do this again :).

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