Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Host's Start Date Announced, Here's The Cast!

Stephanie Meyer best known for the Twilight Saga Books, has another one of her masterpieces getting ready to hit the big screen. It was announced today that the start date for The Host will be February 13th in Baton Rouge, LA. If you haven't already I suggest reading this book! NOW here is the cast that is taking on the story
 Saoirse Ronan is Melanie Stryder, where you have seen her? The Lovely Bones and Hanna

 William Hurt is Jeb Stryder, where you have seen him? The Big Chill, The Incredible Hulk
 Max Irons is Jared Howe, where you have seen him? Red Riding Hood, Dorian Gray
Jake Abel is Ian O'Shea, where you have seen him? Percy Jackson and the Olympians The Lightening Thief, I am Number 4


  1. I have the book but could never get into it. I would like to try again. The cast are quite goodlooking.