Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Years Resolutions!

2012 is knocking on the door! Before you go ahead and let it in, I asked Twitter and FB friends what their New Years Resolutions were... Here are what the readers say.

@Mitmee_Pie " I'd say exercising, losing weight etc.. but unfortunately I make that resolution every year, and it hasn't happened yet."

@Laury4Rob " Go to all Rob premiers"

@Twilightmom1901: "Decrease Salt intake"

@FacetsOfChaos " Save money"

Francesca.T " I am going to wear a pink apron and learn how to make gourmet meals"

@gigglewoman " I have no idea"

@adawnn1 " Do yoga, (vinyasa) , Take an art class, read 65 books, Find a job, Look into schools, LA Trip in November."

Stacey.S "  Better educate myself on Autism for my son and get him what he needs in life"

@Lakerwoman37 :" To finish LTDW :) Oh and to lose 25 pounds, I think the writing will be easier.

Good Luck All!

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