Monday, November 21, 2011

Fan Review Number 4 Of Breaking Dawn Part 1

Loving all the fans reviews on Breaking Dawn Part 1, Here is another!

After watching Breaking Dawn part 1 twice now I have come to the conclusion its rather remarkable. Each and every scene was taken seriously and with such detail.

Wolves : Lets talk about them, Normally I was never a fan well a fan of Pauls maybe but other than that I could have totally done with out them. But for Bill Condon to make me love them he must be a God! I enjoyed their screen time. I loved the Alpha Male fight and break off Jake and Sam had. It showed how even though they are men they are beast as well and the bullying Sam does is actually very realistic in the wild of wolves. Well done Bill and Taylor! I really like Jake now not just because of the fact he imprinted on Renesmee and will leave Bella alone now but his acting improved. He was believable. I didn't roll my eyes at him which was nice. The Imprint was so good and I didn't want to throw up I see now what the imprinting is to Jake and the wolves, and lets not say how cool it is that its the absolute law they can not break! yes!!!

Wedding: Beautiful, want it all! Her dress stunning, the speeches an awesome addition to the saga! Charlie made me cry it was great to see a real bond between him and Bella. I was feeling a serious lacking in that department in the others and I really wanted it so good! Edward was breathtaking as always and his speech made my heart sing. I missed the cake eating I would have liked to see that.

Honeymoon: All my fears of not enough was put to rest. very sensual and passionate. When Bell did the black teddy fashion show for Edward I never laughed so hard!!! So adorable! I enjoyed watching Edward torture Bella by knocking her out with all the activities. very cute. I wished we saw more of her egg eating and Edward cooking for her at the honeymoon but overall very good!

Pregnancy: OK wow on the CGI! She was skin and bones and it freaked me out! I am so glad they didn't skimp on the seriousness of her situation. My heart leaped out of my chest at her delivery, nails in the palm of my hands!!!! But her dying she did it perfectly. Kristen Stewart is indeed a phenomenal actress.

Perfect ending just as I suspected it would end with her opening her eyes. The Volturi in the end was a perfect little add and of course we shouldn't be surprised he wants bella! I am excited to see how they react to renesmee!

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