Monday, January 3, 2011

Confessions of the EPIC Twilight Sisters Part 2

Now If you read the Last Blog about the twilight Ladies and I know a lot of you did then this is another treat for you. The rantings, thoughts, ideas and pure love of twilight explode daily on twitter with these awesome ladies. We are coined the "EPIC Twilight Sisters" Please enjoy a great laugh and some Twilight relief while we wait for the release of BD:

cutestkidsmom: Did I ever telly ou I met Michael Sheen?
TracyC25: NO...when???
cutestkidsmom:  it was last year my husband and I were in Chicago heading home
adawnn1:  did you sit down & have some drinks with him? ;-)
cutestkidsmom: as a matter of fact I had 1 drink and we talked a little
TracyC25: That's awesome...I feel like when you're at an aiport you always have to be on the lookout
cutestkidsmom:  U do I wish I had my camera that day
TracyC25: what do you think of him with Rachel mcadams???
cutestkidsmom: I dont think they fit but what do I know
adawnn1:yeah, its not a couple I ever imagined.
TracyC25: yeah I think they're cute but I always think of here as Regina in Mean Girls & Ally in the Notebook...that kinda makes it weird
...... At this point it spiraled into Nicholas Sparks and the wonder he is with his writing and the notebook but not twilight related so moving on............

cutestkidsmom: So the word is ALL the cast ALL are on set today hmm what scene could it be??? LOL
TracyC25:  well ashley almost didn't make it...iphone alarm never went off. Nothing can start without Alice.
cutestkidsmom: AHHH that would have been an EPIC FAIL
TracyC25: hahahah Total Epic Fail.
.....................then there was a break for a SHOUTOUT which led to other things...................
cutestkidsmom:Shoutout @ @ @ @ @ The Crazy ladies
TracyC25:  I love being a we need to get on Ellen somehow
JessNWheeler: ahaha! that would be fun!
cutestkidsmom:  I LOVE Ellen that would be great We can make shirts!!! LMAO
Totally_Dazzled: and proud of it!!!
TracyC25: I don't know how the word "crazy" will be taken is we run into Rob or anyone may scare them. Though if they see this #crazytwilightlady on the ground I may be safe
cutestkidsmom: hahaha Ok well we can find a name for us thats not scary LOL
.....................After that we talked about how we felt bad for Robsten now that word was out on IOW they may never go there again So I offered my place Tracy offer BOSTON yes the whole city of festivities so yeah OK she wins.......................................

Totally_Dazzled: Yessss, we need a name for our very secret coven ;-))
cutestkidsmom:  OHHH A coven Name thats fantastic for ourselves!!
Totally_Dazzled:  Aaaand a coven is a family, we're all sisters!
TracyC25: I am so excited to be in a coven...hahaha "a secret coven" so exciting
Manda_ann428:  LOL I'm loving this! Just checking in during lunch & it's making my day
Manda_ann428: And a coven name would be perfect! I like the title.. so cute!
................. So realizing the topics we wanted to cover were racking up we really got into what we wanted to refer to ourselves as.........................

TracyC25: I'm feeling #LTL loyal twilight ladies. We'll add that to the yes list...who's the secretary taking notes???
adawnn1: I found out it takes me the length of listening to the whole Eclipse CD to get home! haha we waited for adawnn1 to read and catch up..............................
adawnn1: T-shirts are a great I idea. I don't own any twi-wear (keep in mind I was a hush hush twilight fan before I met you all!)
cutestkidsmom: haha hush hush well No more hush hush I make shirts actually
adawnn1: I have a list of our topics too& I have another one: song ideas for BD
cutestkidsmom: YES I have often wondered who will compose the music for the score
adawnn1:  I want to know what songs will play during the wedding scenes!
Totally_Dazzled: Good Twitter Question ;-) What song would we like?
cutestkidsmom: I want Robert pattinson to sing in the cd again!!!
TracyC25:  I think they should have him sing a song thats played at the wedding
.............. Ok we went back and forth here between the CD and our coven name try and keep up...............
cutestkidsmom:  there is also EPIC Twilight Sisters
Totally_Dazzled: I LOVE Epic Twilight Sisters!!!!!!
adawnn1: Epic Twilight Sisters is my favorite too!!!
Totally_Dazzled: *sings* We are family! I got all my sisters with me!
adawnn1:  BAHAHA! LMAO! hilarious. I can picture everyone singing that!
TracyC25: LMAO...ROFL you just made me cry with laughter.
cutestkidsmom: Yay For Happy tears

TracyC25: I think I have 1 guess for who'll be on the soundtrack...MUSE
cutestkidsmom: John Williams should do the BD score LOL
TracyC25: James Horner (titanic) would be great for a score too.
cutestkidsmom: edward holding baby renesme in his arms stroking her head singing
adawnn1: I would be hysterical if he sang to Renesmee! *sobbing already!*
TracyC25: Ahhhhh stop you're making me cry just thinking of it
adawnn1:  I feel dumb- I'm tearing up! LOL
TracyC25: i think we're all tearing up. the scene's w/B,E&R r going to be amazing
cutestkidsmom: my heart beats faster just thinking about it
TracyC25:I want to hear Rob Rap...LMAO can't believe he wanted to be a rapper
adawnn1: Thats Awesome! Can't picture that, but I would love to hear him try.
Totally_Dazzled: Maybe he can rap? LMAO!
adawnn1: Our "coven" name is too funny! I love it!
Totally_Dazzled:  Yo I'm Tay, wave ur hands in the air and say Renesmee!
cutestkidsmom: RENESME
adawnn1: HAHAHAHA! LMAO! I'm dying right now!!
....................... we broke off here to express our hatred for the Razzies and why they decided Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner were nominated our disgust is great! ..................................

At this point the Stunning @Totally_dazzled began designing a crest for our secret coven............ Tracy and adawnn and I talked about how tracy has not watched Remember Me and we told her to get a move on so she agreed she would fast! then Tracy tell us she loved the Rock in the WWE why you ask because thats how we are we got from one topic to another wee are a little ADD but a Lot Awesome so deal! well thats it for this installment of Confessions of the ETS!!


  1. ROFL...LMAO...I have serious tears from laughing so hard to myself. I win...R & K will be in Boston next it and the funniest part was me mentioning the Rock & the fact that we are just a little ADD. Confessions of the Epic Twilight Sisters is a must read.

  2. HAHA yeah I totally LOVE rereading our convo's they kill me!!