Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WIN The Hunger Games Tribute Guide!! *Contest*

MARCH MADNESS! It sure does feel that way with The Hunger Games being released in only days! Now I know this is a Twilight Blog but since Lionsgate bought out Summit, I took it as a loop hole for a GREAT Contest! Here are the rules....

1ST - You MUST be following my twitter >> Cutestkidsmom

2ND- Copy paste this and put it on your twitter :I entered #TwilightEvolutions March Madness THG Contest to win The Hunger Games Tribute guide, Enter for your chance!

3RD : DM me or comment here on why you are the BIGGEST THG Fan!!!

3 steps 3 entries it is that easy! Contest starts 3/14/2012 and Ends 3/21/2012 ONE WEEK TO GET ENTRIES IN!!! Contest is Open to All Followers GOOD LUCK!


  1. hmm...let's see. I wouldn't say Im any more or less of a fan than anyone else. But after getting through the books-- quite quickly- I didn't even sleep between book 2 & 3- there was just no way! I wish I would've read them right as they came out, was kicking myself it took me until Mockingjay came out to pick it up.

    Even after my nook decided to act up after book 2 so that I couldn't buy book 3 I immediately went and bought the FULL PRICE box set. *sigh* but so glad I did that!

    Magazine collections, T-shirts, official poster from & of course a mockingjay pin are just a few of the things I have atm-- but I'm sure that pile will grow. I get inspirations to create artwork--sometimes-- it has to "move" me. And I've started on a few pieces I can't wait to show you when they are done...and if they turn out like I imagined ;-)

    Anything and every fan interaction-- and THG forum, getting my Capitol badge and such, I just think is so much fun for fans to feel a part of! I'm in District 4. which brings me to my LOVE for Finnick. Yeah, I may or may not be obsessed. And am praying that CF premiere will work out. IDEC who they cast (okay, yes I do) but either way I just want to get my "just now an idea, but Finnick art" signed by him!

    Staying up to watch THG premiere livestream when you have to be up at 4a? lol Not the smartest decision but it was a blast to watch the interviews!

    Have tickets for all opening nights! Thursday > Sunday!!! Can't effing wait.

  2. Wow Andrea!!!! You are a big fan lol

  3. Well, not sure if I'm the biggest THG fan, but I do LOVE the series very much!! I read the books in record time (maybe even faster than the Twi books!!) and I thoroughly enjoyed each one!! I can't wait to see how the books play out on the big screen. :)