Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Help Please!

This is my friends daughter Jaelynn a beautiful vibrant 3 1/2 year old girl who has HLH.... She has undergone so much in the last year including a bone marrow transplant. Her father left her and my friend and together the 2 have been a perfect unit of love and support. Here is Jaelynn now and my friend Lisa...
Just this morning her mother Lisa had to board a plane to fly back to Nevada to work for a month to support her and her daughter and keep their insurance. I am asking no I am begging for your help. Jaelynn isn't asking for a hug from Robert Pattinson or a picture with Kristen Stewart she is asking for her mom to lay with her and kiss her and read to her. I implore you to help make her dream come true. this is the link to Jaelynn's site..  Can you donate ANYTHING at all... spread the word make HLH go away??? I am trying to connect these 2 together again so they can fight this disease as a team.

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