Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Whats Next for Twilights Christian Serratos?

What is up next for the beautiful Christian Serratos ( Angela Weber, Twilight Saga) Well, according to IMDB, quite a bit actually. She will appear in the FX series " American Horror Story" on October 5th at 10pm, her characters name is Becca, and unfortunately there is not much written regarding the series other then it being a horror/ Drama Genre. Come November 2011 along with the highly anticipated Breaking Dawn Part 1, she also has the movie " Lip Service" Directed by Carlos Portugal being released as well. Very busy month for the star! Also to be released in 2011  " Broken Doll" Story synopsis? I got one : Tori Alvarez - a sexy 18 year old Mexican American girl is struggling to be the first in her family to graduate from high school. She begins a torrid affair with an older cop who happens to be the Father of her best friend. The affair triggers a chain of events that will change the lives of those around her, forever. Straddling the line between redemption and despair - an unexpected twist sends life for Tori spiraling out of control into a web of sex, deceit, gangs, drugs, abuse, revenge, and murder.

So No worries for this Twilight star it looks like she is on a fast train to success!!

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